Aug 2013

'Piecing together a moving collage...'

ACUMAYA - Animation by Tamara Webster, Music by Jose Guillermo Puelllo
Interview with animator,
Tamara Webster:

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 13.16.58

How would you sum up animation as an artform?

Animation for me is much like piecing together a moving collage. I create all the different parts; the textures, the characters, the backgrounds, the objects, and then bring them all together bit-by-bit. Except this time I didn’t know what the final animation would look like till I put the last pieces in...


'The creative process: A true collaboration...'

ANAGENESIS - Animation by Salomeja Marcauskaite, Music by Freya Waley-Cohen
Interview with composer,
Freya Waley-Cohen:

genesis3 03

What approach have you taken to this collaboration?
Salomeja Marcauskaite and I took a very organic approach to making this animation. We allowed ourselves to be inspired by what we were most struck by in each other and in each other’s work. A true collaboration requires an openness to another persons thoughts and ideas, and it is rare to find someone with whom you can have this sort of communication...


'A picture doesn't say a thousand words...'

SPHERES - Film by Natan Rifkin, Music by Benjamin Tassie
Interview with composer,
Benjamin Tassie:

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 22.55.03

What appealed to you about working with film?
A picture doesn’t say a thousand words. That’s nonsense. Music doesn’t say much either. They keep their mouths shut. They do both suggest things, though – we can infer from them, they instil a sense of something, an atmosphere. They don’t instruct, they can’t be precise, they lack the requisite language for specificity. That’s what appeals to me: there’s space in there. Space to manipulate, to lead this way or that without precisely saying ‘this is the way, follow me’….