'Piecing together a moving collage...'

ACUMAYA - Animation by Tamara Webster, Music by Jose Guillermo Puelllo
Interview with animator,
Tamara Webster:

Movement 1

How would you sum up animation as an artform?
Animation for me is much like piecing together a moving collage. I create all the different parts; the textures, the characters, the backgrounds, the objects, and then bring them all together bit-by-bit. Except this time I didn’t know what the final animation would look like till I put the last pieces in!

Could you describe your working method, and whether if was different for this project?
Whilst studying my subject I jot down notes and small drawings. Next I’ll almost always think of several ideas then go with the strongest, however each time I listened to Acumaya the same images would appear in my mind so I went straight to expanding these initial ideas. Acumaya was also different in that I began producing the animation without having it all carefully planned out first in the form of storyboards and animatics.

Movement 2

What appealed to you about working with music?

Working with music appealed to me simply because it seemed like a lot of fun. But also because I could create visuals based purely from the images the sounds inspired rather than the need to visually communicate a specific message based on research.

Is there anything specific that your project is trying to communicate?
My project isn’t trying to communicate anything in particular; I directly went with what I saw in my head. The music to me is dark and sinister and I hope my animations strengthen those notions.